Why Choose EcoZone?
On the road to a sustainable future
Why Choose EcoZone?

Securing an environmentally friendly and affordable supply of energy is one of the great challenges of EcoZone. Our products include UPS, PHOTOVOLTAIC inverters, energy storage machines, and photovoltaic power systems, and are used across diverse industries such as finance, communications, and smart cities.

Over 6000+ Cycles

EcoZone lithium solar batteries have the highest battery cycle life on the market.Your battery will be an effective investment that adds value to your home or business.

10 Years Warranty

EcoZone places greater emphasis on product quality and service, offering a market-leading 10-year product warranty for energy storage batteries.

On Grid, Off Grid or Hybrid

Energy storage is critical in off-grid solar installations.Instead of simply sending power produced during daylight hours to the electrical grid, hybrid systems can store the energy produced for more flexible usage.

Extreme Safety

All products are made with Grade A LiFePO4 cells from Top Five brands, and meet UL standards.

Make sure your battery system matches your needs

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